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Fresh juice detox programme, delivered to your door

All our juices are lovingly made by hand. We source fresh, high quality and local (where appropriate) ingredients. A state of the art cold press juicer is used to gently press the ingredients, applying no heat and thereby retaining the highest possible levels of nutrition.


• Cleanse your body throughout
• Boost your energy and leaves you revitalised
• Improves your skin tone
• Helping you with weight loss

Come and visit our shop, we are based in Walton on the Hill in Surrey!

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Juice and Ice detox juicing program

1 Day

Juicing programme

Delivered to you door


3 Day

Juicing programme

Delivered to you door


5 Day

Juicing programme

Delivered to you door


7 Day

Juicing programme

Delivered to you door


leaf-scroll How it all works leaf-scroll


1. Choose your plan

Take a look through our juice diets and pick the plan best suited to you

2. Select a date

Once you have chosen your diet plan let us know where you live and when you would like it delivered

3. We'll deliver

We will deliver your frozen juice diet via courier.

3. Drink & enjoy

Keep your juices in a freezer then just get them out the day before and pop them in the fridge to begin defrosting. Enjoy!

leaf-scroll Healthy Energy Protein Balls leaf-scroll

Healthy Energy Protein Balls

Packed with the finest ingredients and no added sugar, they are a good source of energy before and after exercise. Or enjoy as a healthy snack.

Ideal for busy people on the go

Great for children’s lunch boxes.

Choose from peanut butter or chocolate orange.